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In the Eastern Mediterranean, which has the unique nature and atmosphere of the Mediterranean, it is home to the most important civilizations of history!

Northern Cyprus Highlights

Some valuable information about the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Health System
Cyprus provides the best conditions for those who take care of their health for environmental and climatic reasons. In addition, there are 467 health institutions equipped with modern health technologies in Cyprus.
Education Quality
In Northern Cyprus, which provides education opportunities at European standards and where 120 thousand students live, it is possible to access British Education System level education with fees starting from £260 per month.
Life Quality
The quality of life in Northern Cyprus is quite high due to the low crime rate, high quality of education and health, and the fact that the weather is sunny more than 300 days a year.

Pearl of the Mediterranean

Northern Cyprus has the best living conditions among the Mediterranean countries, with its safe streets, climatic advantages and cost of living.

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Population of TRNC Citizens
Sea Water Temperature
0 °C
Year average
Sunbathing Time
0 Month
Usually in the range of 300-320 days per year
Cost of Living
0 £
Average monthly expense of a family

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